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    Hi, my name is Jacki Green and I am an SEO specialist. I am 30 years old. Our platform is, we collect reviews of the product you are interested in, honesty, and transparency of sellers. It's fine to shop on the internet without having to leave the couch. We also enjoy selling products at home. E-commerce is a long-established way of selling products online. Because so many people have internet access, there is an entirely new source of income, the speculative trading online. We will explain which trading platforms work best for this kind of activity. Online shoppers are faced with this kind of work every day. These platforms do not operate as traditional shops with a single proprietor and limited product range. Based on their purpose in their target market, online trading platforms are divided into two types that are for business and the general public. Internet websites are a space where buyers and vendors can meet to discuss the specific needs for products or services. There is a possibility of having wholesale communities that deal in fast food and similar products. In Runet there are only a few trading platforms working on this model. Internet sites can also be classified online shops that have shared access. While their models are similar, their functionality and capabilities are vastly different. You can reach a targeted audience by the market, which means you don't have to invest money on advertising. Online marketplaces are available 24/7 so you can communicate with your customers or display your goods. You will need to spend more on transportation and storage, as well as other costs to store more products that you sell offline. Utilizing an online platform is much easier. You can arrange the delivery of your goods directly from warehouses. This can help you save both money and nerves. Bidding on sites is automated. Your job is to receive the money and then deliver the goods to the buyer. The benefits of buyers using trading platforms on the Internet are clear - a wide range of goods at affordable prices, saving time finding the right item, and the convenience of the buying process - without getting up from the couch. The Internet site is more than a shop. Everything you desire, at the lowest possible prices, can be found here. Thanks to the automation of processes, these projects are an advantage for small-scale companies via the Internet.

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